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About Us

Ascendance is a friendly and locally owned CrossFit & Gymnastics facility that is extremely passionate about helping individuals reach their goals whatever they maybe.
We offer you an opportunity to participate in Group Classes or One to One Personal Training sessions under the guidance of our highly experienced, professional Coaches.

Our Location

Asscendance HQ

Sucess Stories

Claire Duggan

At a age of 23 I knew it was time to do something about my weight, my best friend Christine Doran is a member of CrossFit Downpatrick and went through a remarkable body transformation in a short space of time and looks amazing.

Graham McCormick

My name is Graham McCormick. I first heard about the gym from a friend who had joined to get fit and loose weight (he was a big lad). I liked what I heard. He told me that you go to a class and do a workout with other people all at the same time…


…I felt I belonged and then I started to see changes-I could do more, I felt better, I was smiling , my clothes started to fit, I started to achieve, people started to comment on my body but mostly I looked forward to going…

Colleen Reilly

I have been involved in competitive sports all my life but three years ago, I decided I needed a new challenge. I joined Ascendance Crossfit Downpatrick and have never looked back! I am stronger, fitter and leaner than I have ever been…