Plans & Pricing

New to CrossFit?

Once you graduate our Fundamentals we have a huge range of memberships.  Membership includes: CrossFit class and regular meetings with your coach to ensure you stay on track. We offer discounts for 3 Month, 6 Month, Annual and Couples Memberships.

Experienced at crossfit?

If you’ve already been doing CrossFit (6 months+), then check out: “Experienced Memberships”. All classes CrossFit classes included:

Open Gym?

Ascendance also offers “Open Gym Only” memberships for experienced CrossFit, Gymnasts and barbell athletes. Email for details.

Remember, start your training at Ascendance with a complimentary Private Session! Register in the box above.

Start up!  Monthly memberships

For new members to crossfit


  • 4 PT’s per year
  • 5 CrossFit Classes per week
  • Full program
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2 Classes Per week
  • 4 PT’s per year
  • 2 CrossFit Classes per week
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Experienced Prepaid memberships

Must have prior Crossfit Experience

3 Months

£80/Monthly Avg.
  • Crossfit Experience Required
  • £245 Up-Front
  • Unimited Visits & Classes
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£73/Monthly Avg.
  • Crossfit Experience Required
  • £878 Up-Front
  • Unimited Visits & Classes
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Fundamentals - Phase 1

School of fitness
  • 12 Hours of Private Coaching
  • First payment – £150
  • Pay in installments at your convenience
  • On successful completion of this we will assess you for group class
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Private Coaching

Improve your Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Nutrition, or other goal with one on one coaching!

Private coaching

  • 60 Minute Session
  •  One-on-One Private Coaching
  • Video Analysis
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Private coaching

10 pack
  • 10 x 60 Minute Sessions
  •  One-on-One CrossFit Coaching
  •  Video Analysis
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Recreational Gymnastics

£55/Per Term
  • British Gymnastics Affiliated Club
  •  Limited to Hours:
  •  Fri: 15:15-18:15 Sat: 09:00-15:30
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Competitor Programing

£100/per month
  • CrossFit Experience Required
  • Access to remote coaching via support group
  • Video analysis and feed back
  • Must do gym Metcon (often up scaled)
  • 2 Squad sessions per month (Sat 07:00-09:00) Mandatory
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£30/per month
  • Access to support group
  • Nutrition for a great life hand book
  • Weighed & Measurements taken each month
  •  Progress Pics
  •  Available as a Bolt on to your membership to take you to the next level
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