Colette Murphy

British Gymnastics L3 (Gymnastics Head Coach)

Colette is our head gymnastics coach at ascendance. She has been doing gymnastics since the age of four, working her way through the ranks at city of Glasgow. As a gymnast she was part of city of Glasgow’s gold medal-winning team for many years, and also has several individual medals under her belt! She has represented Scotland at British grades finals.

 Colette still loves to test herself with backflips and somersaults and is able to demonstrate best practice for our rising gymnastics stars.

“Besides my two children, gymnastics is my life-long passion. Ascendance is like nowhere else I’ve coached: our team here likes to mix it up, while maintaining excellent coaching standards and having fun with each of our little stars. In the gym, nothing brings me more joy than helping our gymnasts achieve their personal goals and seeing the delight on their face when they stick a move they’ve been working on!”

As well as leading our gymnastics program, Colette provides 1:1 personal coaching and has seen phenomenal results from her little clients, from forward rolls to round-off backflips, and everything in-between.

Favourite quote – “what if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”