Steven Lennon

Junior Apprentice Level 2

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Strongman Trainer

Lenny joined in September 2014 having not taken part in any recreational sport since his early teens. From this time he has greatly improved his overall health and fitness from gaining muscle while he continues to improve his mobility and cardio. He can usually be found throwing ever increasing weights about or working on his gymnastics skills.

“I originally started at ascendance when I quit smoking and decided I wanted to put that saved money to good use. Since my time here I have seen a huge improvement in everything i do whether its weightlifting or gymnastics. The biggest thing for me was sorting out my mobility, which affected my everyday life. I am now a coach in the club under the mentor-ship of Neil. My current goal is to keep gaining strength and specialise in helping people go from skinny to swole.

The thing I love the most about ascendance is seeing the reaction from someone when they achieve a goal, weather its getting their first pull-up or when they hit a personal record on their snatch. it’s also great knowing that I have a part to play in helping people reach their goals while enjoying a healthy lifestyle here at ascendance as I was in that same position when I started my crossfit journey.”

favourite quote – fortune favours the bold