Success Story

I’m Ciara Dorrian and Ascendance is like home to me..

At the age of 21 I started into the world of Crossfit and was initially thinking how the hell I am going to do this? I never really competed in sports throughout school and I knew my fitness wasn’t the best either. I knew I wanted to start something different so I started to research Crossfit Gyms. I tried other gyms before Ascendance and had no success. I wanted a more personal experience so I contacted Ascendance. Their fundamentals program was just what I wanted. I worked my way through it with my coach and then started going to class and got to know everyone throughout the gym. Its a great place.

I was very determined and wanted to do well in every class, let’s just say I definitely got the bug. I was coming to class 4 days out of 5 and I loved it. It was never a chore to come to the gym like it would have been before. The coaches are brilliant and it feels like my second home.

All was going so well until I got injured outside the gym and was out for 6 months. I hated it. I had nothing to fill that time that I used to spend in the gym so I started to put weight back on and felt horrible. I couldn’t even take the dog for a walk that I felt tired after. My coach Neil stayed in constant contact with me and made me feel like part of the community even though I wasn’t able to attend.

After these 6 months It was time to return. I thought all my fitness that I had worked so hard for had gone. I came back and it was like I never left, the coaching id received up to this had been ingrained. Yes my fitness had gone down a lot and I felt sick after working out like I used to feel right at the start of my Crossfit journey, but it felt good to be back. I done 3 months of personal training with Neil and it has been absolutely brilliant. We have worked around my injury, easing me back into my workouts and I also took a stone weight off. It has been the best thing I have done to date. I would highly recommend Ascendance as it has definitely changed my life for the better.