Claire Duggan

Success Story

At a age of 23 I knew it was time to do something about my weight, my best friend Christine Doran is a member of CrossFit Downpatrick and went through a remarkable body transformation in a short space of time and looks amazing. She gave me the inspiration to go for it, although just last year I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and thought I couldn’t do weights, sit ups, running, I began feeling depressed and saddened that I was a failure, so I held the bull with 2 hands and went for it.

I met with Neil (the owner) who welcomed me with open arms and reassured me that although I have a condition I would not let it stop me living my life.

I done two 1:1 sessions a week with him for four weeks and in that time he helped me learn how to move safely and efficiently along with mentoring me on my nutrition and I lost 18lbs in four weeks!

I now feel like a different girl, happier in myself and the way I look,no excerise has worked for me before and is nowhere near as fun as CrossFit.

I hope to inspire other people suffering with health problems to just go for it. This is by far the best financial investment I have ever made.