Success Story

Last year was major for me. After a horrific few years health wise when I was having to use a wheelchair and crutches and having lots of hospital admissions, I had to make changes to my lifestyle for my health, for my happiness and for my sanity. My name is Mel ¬†and what is different about me is that I have a rare genetic disease affecting 1 in a Million. My disease affects every aspect of my life and up until now threatened to destroy my ability to function as a normal human being. Having a rare disease is isolating and having my disease is debilitating. It’s invisible and as such is met with people thinking that because you look ok then you must be ok- that’s not true!

So last year, having tried and been unsuccessful at other gym and exercise options, Crossfit stepped in and saved me. Am I being OTT, a little dramatic? No way! I was overweight, unfit, unmotivated, lonely, isolated and struggling with every day life.

I dragged myself through initial Fundamentals  sessions and then something changed РI got the bug! I became part of the Ascendance family, I felt I belonged and then I started to see changes-I could do more, I felt better, I was smiling , my clothes started to fit, I started to achieve, people started to comment on my body -but mostly I looked forward to going. The best thing about Crossfit and having a coach for life is that my workouts and truly tailored to suit me and my health at any particular time. What is also vital is the attention to detail in classes where coaches are constantly advising and adjusting positions to ensure safety and optimal results.

Don’t get me wrong- there will still be bad days , I will never be cured from a genetic disease BUT I will be stronger, I will be healthier, I will feel happier, I have friends at Crossfit who get it, and most importantly for me- at Crossfit my disease is invisible – I am me- Mel the Glittery Rainbow Unicorn