Neil (Leader)

Success Story

I get so wrapped up in the life of a gym owner/coach that sometimes I forget how far I five come & why I got into the fitness game in the first place.

The picture on the left was me at 22 stone some years back before I began my fitness journey.

I didn’t set out to become a coach but here we are, this is my profession.

Unlike many “coaches” I used to & still struggle with my fat loss. This is one of the main reasons my clients do so well with me, because I know how difficult it is & understand the struggle.

I started out trying to lose weight for my wedding and never thought I’d travel this far on the journey that is Ascendance.

Let me make one thing very clear, this shit is not easy!

Many people will try & most will fail. I’m here to make sure I can help as many people succeed as I possibly can.

Why? Because that’s what I do!


There have been times where I have relapsed & allowed my nutrition & performance to suffer BUT not any more.

I love being on the journey with my clients, what journey?

The journey to the fountain of youth.

We’re not here to go through the motions, we’re here to go Above & Beyond.

Wanna come with us?